Creative Oceanic

About Creative Oceanic

Creative Oceanic in partnership with Oceanic Events deliver over 150 unique awards ceremonies each year in 12 different cities in the UK, Ireland and Canada and more recently the USA.

The company has been successfully delivering awards ceremonies in the hospitality, food, hair and beauty and independent retail sector and is considered as one of the most meritorious events organisers.

Tens of thousands of people have attended these ceremonies over the years, and continue to do so. All these ordinary people have had the opportunity to be honoured and recognised for the good work they do in their local communities across the UK from journalists to business people, community workers, charities and professional sector.

The great response we have got each year from the public and the media have encouraged us to continue delivering first class awards ceremonies in the best way we can do.

 Our fundamental principle is to celebrate and acknowledge people, groups and organisations that are found under the radar. We feel that the most fair way of nominating people is to give the public a platform to express their opinion and nominate those who feel they are worthy.